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How can I install it?

It is a sandbox solution and it will work on every instance of SharePoint 213. Including SharePoint Online.

You have 2 ways to install it:

  1.        The main part of this solution is only in one js file. You can find it in downloads (, unpack, place it in SiteAssets and make a link to this script in your marterpage. But I don’t like it.
  2.        The correct one. You can download the wsp pack and install it like a Sandbox Solution. Step-by-step is over hear:
    1.        Go to site setting into the Solutions sections (under the root site of the site collection)
    2.        Upload a solution file
    3.        Activate it
    4.        Go to site settings into the Site features sections.
    5.        Find out the feature named “CIBPoint. List edit menu and activate it”
    6.        Now you can use it

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