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SharePoint 2013 Custom menu for lists editing


What is this?

During implementing of portal solutions based on SharePoint, usually you separate designed data views for users and standard (with a little bit customization) views for managing content in lists and libraries. The big problem is to propose suitable tools for managing this lists and libraries. Of cause, manager can view the site content and begin to work with lists, but the manager will see all the lists with Read permissions. It is not very suitable.

In this case, I decided to make a part, which gets all lists webparts on current page, check user permissions for the list and if current user has AddItems permissions, creates a link to a default view of the list below the side bar. Avoiding many unnecessary settings, we made an admission that designed views are not default views and default views are used only for managing content.

Current solution looks like this:


On demo-screen you can see a page with 3 list parts (List1, Tasks and Tasks2). User has add permissions only on List1 and Tasks2 lists. Tasks is readonly for user. So under the side bar (on the left hand) appears a user control that can be used to refer to list you need to manage.


Certainly, you can change design of this part in any case. HTML of this part is almost like the HTML of standard side bar. The example is over hear:


How can I install it?

It is a sandbox solution and it will work on every instance of SharePoint 213. Including SharePoint Online.

You have 2 ways to install it:

  1.        The main part of this solution is only in one js file. You can find it in downloads (, unpack, place it in SiteAssets and make a link to this script in your marterpage. But I don’t like it.
  2.        The correct one. You can download the wsp pack and install it like a Sandbox Solution. Step-by-step is over hear:
    1.        Go to site setting into the Solutions sections (under the root site of the site collection)
    2.        Upload a solution file
    3.        Activate it
    4.        Go to site settings into the Site features sections.
    5.        Find out the feature named “CIBPoint. List edit menu and activate it”
    6.        Now you can use it

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